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Scunts (Sub-categorized Cunts)

By Michael Stephenson 22 Mar, 2017

12 seasons done and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia seems to be getting better with age, and there's a lot more to come with FXX having already ordered Seasons 13 & 14. 

Long running is not always a sign of quality in a program of course, Two and a Half Men managed to run for 12 seasons, 12!  But usually if they stand the test of time it's because they are quality shows, but even the best, classics like Friends & Fraiser dipped in quality at points throughout their 10 and 11 seasons respectively.

So what is different about It's Always Sunny? 

The biggest difference you have to consider is the number of episodes per season. The early seasons ranged from 7 to 15 episodes, but by season 8 they settled on 10. This is a lot less than the average 20/24 episode seasons of most sitcoms in the US, it's actually closer to the average season length of a British sitcom, typically 6 episodes. This is not all they have in common with British sitcoms, unlike the network produced, group written US shows, Its Always Sunny is written and produced by Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day. This brings something special to a show and is part of the reason British shows are held in such high esteem. When a script is written by a group of writers, passed through other writers, proof readers, script managers and god knows who else before being handed to actors with little freedom to improvise and play around with it, the end product will never be the same. With Sunny the stars of the show wrote it, they know exactly what they were thinking when they wrote it, they connect with the words and the characters in a way no other actors ever could. This helps to ensure no matter how ridiculous the events, no matter how many dumpster babies, incestuous fork-stabbing milk drinkers or ringworm infested former clergymen, the show feels real. 

 I've spent countless hours scouring the web for negativity towards any season or even episodes in particular, and every time i discover an episode labelled the worst you have hundreds of people leaping to it's defence claiming it as their favourite episode.Redditor BaggySpandex  said it best that even the worst episode of It's Always Sunny is "Still like the worst chocolate in a great mix-pack...I'll eat the shit if it's the only one left." 

The sheer originality and lack of fear to be different can alienate the odd viewer from week to week but the brilliance of the writing makes any situation relevant to fans of the show. Some of the best moments in Its Always Sunny comes from simple back and forths between the characters, one of my favourite exchanges:

By Michael Stephenson 20 Feb, 2017
I have believed for a long time that humans are a pack of unbelievable SCUNTs (Stupid Cunts), now i have the evidence to back up my claim. 

In a recent poll the people of Britain were asked 'Who invented the telephone?' Now this is by no means a simple question but i'd like to think the majority of people will jump to answer 'Alexander Graham Bell', a few smart-arse boys and girls might even try pulling out ' Antonio Meucci '. But a whopping 14% of the humans residing in this fine country believe that the inventor of the telephone was none other than that floppy haired, paisley shirted spunk bubble, Noel Edmunds. FUCKING NOEL EDMUNDS. I'm done.
By Michael Stephenson 13 Feb, 2017
In a week where the Scunts (Scottish Cunts) up north have dubbed The Don here with a fantastic new nickname:


He took time out from his busy schedule, of trying to ban anyone on the Dulux Color Chart darker than Burnt Umber, to meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinz┼Ź Abe during his state visit of the US. 

In Typical Bawbag style Donny thought it would be hilarious to re-create the only piece of Japanese history he's aware of, Channel 4's brilliant 90s 'gameshow'  BANZAI!.

So here is Mr Shaky Hands Cunt - but how long will he last? 

By Michael Stephenson 13 Feb, 2017

Ajax's Joel Veltman with one of the worst pieces of bad sportsmanship we've ever seen - check out the video...

When it comes to the beautiful game there is a certain understanding between fellow professionals in order to protect each other and the game they all love. But every now and again evil geniuses like Ajax's Joel Veltman come along to hold up two fingers to tradition and take advantage of these sportsmanlike mugs. I for one fucking love this and would love to see an 'every trick in the book' approach to football every now and again. 

But what do you think? Is Veltman an arsehole who doesn't deserve to play, or a genius taking every advantage he can?

Watch the video below and let us know! 
Scunts (Sub-Categorised Cunts) 
The world is filled to the brim with cunts, so many that the word 'cunt' is far too broad a term at this point. We at are aiming to narrow it down so that you know if you're dealing with a Scunt (Stupid Cunt), A Scunt (Sarcastic) or a Scunt (Strange Cunt) 
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